Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Long Strange Trip ...

To quote Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, “What a long strange trip it's been.”

It truly has been, but it sure feels good to dust off this little blog. The last four years have been an interesting journey. While I am happy to close the chapter of being in wine retail, I am certainly glad I did it. I made connections with so many wonderful and talented people (and even some not so wonderful people, but came with good lessons); and the lessons in imported wines and wine politics were invaluable - - and most important, I learned we have to take these detours in life to get us back on track. 

While I was selling wine, so many other things brought me back to this blog. The opportunity to write a book about the history of Walla Walla wines was one of them. Yes. I wrote a book and if all goes according to plan, the book will be released by the holidays. We are currently in the editing stage with paging and print scheduled in a couple of weeks. 

The blog, Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman, will be changing its mission, a bit. It won't be 100% Walla Walla all the time. I will throw in a few posts about imported wines, as well as some wine politics, once in awhile. There may even be a few rants about the art, skills, and politics of wine blogging. I will write about what moves me at the moment.

For now, all I can say is, "It feels good to be home." 


Mark Rowan said...


Good to have you back in Blogland Catie!

Catie said...

Hey Mark! Nice to hear from you. Thanks for checking in.

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