Thursday, August 31, 2017

Don't Be Fooled by Misleading Website. It is not me.

Over a year ago, someone purchased the Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman name and is using my personal information. They think they have flattered me, but have a lot of incorrect information - such as I have never been involved in "aromatherapy" or "life coaching." In fact, I know zero to little about these so-called occupations. How about listing I was involved as a legal assistant for many years - - which I may need to visit my former boss regarding this stalker.

Also, at the time this information was posted last year, the writer of this faux site also listed Barnaby's Pub as one of the best hamburger places. Funny, as when this "webmaster" posted this info, Barnaby's had already been closed for at least two years before. Obviously someone doesn't live in Walla Walla, or needs to visit his mother more often to keep up on the current dining establishments.

Interesting enough, this stalker has even listed my current blog, Passementaries. He isn't even original as he even used the same favicon on this blog site - - out of all of the thousands of favicons to choose from. 

So to my stalker, you may think I am flattered, but frankly if your wife finds out, she is going to be upset - - just like she was the last time you tried to emulate me in the wine biz. 

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