Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wine Library TV Finds Walla Walla

Gary from Wine Library TV found us!

Gary Vaynerchuk from Wine Library TV started his passion for wine at the age of 17, when he started reading Robert Parker and the Wine Spectator. From that point he was hooked. Thirteen years later, Gary brings us Wine Library. February, 2006 was the first launch of this popular wine vidcast. When he first arrived, I think he may not have been taken very seriously, but a year later he is still video-casting and now he boasts a huge following. I appreciate Gary's experience, knowledge, and thinking outside the traditional box. He is animated, exuberant and honest, and he speaks to his audience as if they were sitting across the table drinking a glass of wine with him. We watch him smack his lips, spit, and tip a full glass of wine to the viewer, and he uses words that aren't in the Parker/Spectator dictionary. This week he introduces his viewers to a look at Washington Wines #177. When describing two different vineyard-designated Syrahs from Cayuse Vineyards, he uses words and phrases like "...Skittles rainbow...shocked with a purple paintball in my mouth...Slim Jims..." -- and these are positive descriptions -- he loved the Syrahs! So he may not speak in traditional wine-geek terms, but his use of colorful yet common household terms captures the interest of a wine-newbie.

It is obvious to me that he is not some inexperienced fly-by-nighter wanting to make his mark in the wine Internet business. Gary backs up what he says. Most important, he backs up what he sells (who wants to buy wine on the Internet from someone who cannot taste the difference between a Sauvignon Blanc and a Roussanne?). Gary has visited every major wine region in the world. He is breaking the wine stereotypes and providing his viewers of all ages with a new outlook on wine - minus the intimidation.

I believe this is his second vidcast about Washington (note: the handwritten poster behind him -- "Wash St. is REAL"). Just yesterday I spoke with a couple of fellow wine bloggers about hosting a Wine Blogging Wednesday with the emphasis on Walla Walla wines. The concern was that perhaps not enough wine bloggers having access to Walla Walla wines, let alone knowing they exist. I disagree. Apparently Gary knows about the existence of Walla Walla wines, as five out of the nine Washington wines he discusses in episode #177 are from Walla Walla. It appears someone is drinking Walla Walla wines!

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