Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bergevin Lane Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon - 2004

Hey, I don't need an expensive $95 bottle of wine with lots of Parker Points to feel cool about the wine I pour in my wine glass. The most important thing to me is how does the wine taste? If the $95 bottle with 95 points make 95% of my tastebuds sing, than what a joy! However, if it does not wow my palate, why do I want it? Accolades are important for wineries to have and it's exciting to be noticed for all of their hard work, but as a consumer I have to reach deep inside and ponder my motives. Do I want to pay $95 for a bottle of wine that I have relied on someone else's palate because I do not trust my own? Do I buy it to impress my friends? Phhhhttttt!

Sure, in the Walla Walla Valley we have our share of mighty tasty wines with mighty prices, but if you do your shopping and take off the Parker Point blinders, you can find some excellent wines at affordable prices. Of course you will almost have to take a second look and say, "A quality Walla Walla wine for under $25? How can this be true?"

And I found just the wine. I am a big fan of Cabernet Sauvignon and this Cab from Bergevin Lane Vineyards fits the profile. Not a heavy tannic Cabernet, but heavy tannins aside gives you the opportunity to taste the fruit. The Columbia Valley grapes, along with skill, brings forth all of the good fruit like cherries and berries that is typical of a Cabernet, but I also picked up chocolate and Coca-Cola flavors. Can't complain about those flavors.

This 2004 vintage from Bergevin Lane is priced at $20. A smooth price for a smooth Cabernet that allows you to enjoy it as an every-day-sipping wine. And it also makes for a perfect pairing for appetizers like smoked salmon and especially entrees such as Sunday pot roast, grilled beef fajitas or any favorite chocolate dessert. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Mmm mmm good. I love seeing good Walla Walla wines at this price point. Especially when they taste so good!

wild walla walla wine woman said...

Hi Fellow Blogger Amy! Thanks for checking in.

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