Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday Barrel Tasting in Walla Walla - Dec 1 & 2

Yup, Holiday Barrel Tasting this weekend in Walla Walla and what can I say about this event that hasn’t already been said?

For more information definitely check out Walla Walla Wine Alliance. They provide a list of the participating wineries, hours and tasting fees. Heather at Walla Walla Wine News gives a summary of her "must see" wineries.

Check out what a couple of my wine blogging colleagues have to say about the weekend. Andy at The Wine Knows gives his list of recommendations. Most of the wineries on Andy’s list are newer wineries to consider, besides your personal favorites.

Thad at Beyond the Bottle gives a list of his personal recommendations of Walla Walla wineries he has visited in the last six months. Thad also gives suggestions on how to survive wine tasting weekend. Such as: eat solid meals, drink water, spit wine...

Umm..., so listen to Thad’s suggestions... yeah, you know who you are you limosine-riding-people. You may have a designated driver, but it doesn't mean you have to deaden your tastebuds. From personal experience after four wineries my taste buds begin to get a little fatigued. The point of these events is to "taste" the wine and to remember what you tasted...ahem...(yeah and so what if I am getting surly in my old age?)

Me? My favorites and recommendations? I like ‘em all - - of course! ;-)

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