Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Washington State vs New York Rieslings - Who Will Win?

We had a wonderful time visiting with Gary Vay!Ner!Chuk! of Wine Library TV last week at Taste Washington 2008. On a one-to-one with Gary, we discussed not only Washington State wines, but Gary shared with us the possibility of him creating a new wine rating point system. With Washington State taking a new interest in one of their original grapes the Riesling, this episode #440 of the "Thunder Show" from Qwest Field in Seattle, Gary Vaynerchuk shows us a taste-off between Washington State and New York State Rieslings. I don't want to tell everything about this episode, but I am pleased to say it may be one of the reasons why Poet's Leap Riesling from Long Shadows is "leaping" off the shelves at the Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman. The winery is officially out but they found a few extra for me!!!


Julia Herres said...

Hi Catie! That was cool! I've never seen his reviews before, and what a great review of the Poet's Leap. Also, thank you for sharing that wine with us at your open house last week, I had forgotten how good it was. My husband and I feel lucky to have gotten a few bottles of it before they sold out at the winery. I'm sure it won't be long before you sell out as well. Cheers!

wild walla walla wine woman said...

Hey Julia,
Actually I did run out of the Poet's Leap! haha! I was able to get my second order in ahead of time before the winery sold out.

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