Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wine Blogging Wednesday #47 - Brought To You By The Letter "S"

Erin and Michelle at the Canadian wine blog Grape Juice would like us to regress a bit into our childhood - - in fact, they would like us to go back to the years of Sesame Street. However, for me to regress back into my childhood, we are talking about Captain Kangaroo, Sky King, Howdy Doody and The Mickey Mouse Club featuring Annette. But no matter the generations, I do appreciate their reasoning: "...when things were simple, creativity was encouraged and the whole world seemed like a new and exciting place just waiting to be adults and wine lovers, with stress and the occasional sense of imposed snobbery, we sometimes lose that pure, indescribable ability to have a little fun..."

So needless to say, the theme for Wine Blogging Wednesday #47 is "Brought to you by the letter 'S'." The word beginning with “S” must be directly related to a bottle of wine whether the S starts with region, appellation, producer, varietal, style, winemaker, etc and that’s the only rule.

As most of you know, the letter "S" isn't really my thing. I am all about the "W," but I will be a good sport and give this Wine Blogging Wednesday, the old Sesame Street try.

From Sleight of Hand Cellars in Walla Walla, located on Second Street, I selected for you a Syrah! Can you say "Sy-rah," boys and girls? Now this isn't just any Syrah, it happens to be a micro-cuvee from four very special barrels of Syrah hand-plucked from some of the oldest Syrah vines in Washington State. The 2006 Levitation Syrah, named for a magic term because Sleight of Hand Cellars is all about magic, reminds me of the traditional Syrahs from Northern Rhone in Franse (I know - - I know, it's France. But just checking to see if you are paying attention). This Syrah is not a simple sip - - it is spicy, yet subtle. Strong tannins for splendid aging, but supple, sensual, sexy and soft on the tongue. (Ooops! Can we say those words on Sesame Street?) Why, this Syrah is simply magical! A succulent and scrumptious food pairing as a reduction sauce on selected seared meat, if you want to sacrifice a bottle. (Did I mention that the winemaker's name is Trey Busch, but he would meet his soon-to-be partners, Sandy and Jerry Solomon in Sun Valley? Que Sera-sera!)

But sorry to say - this soaring-through-the-sky Syrah from Sleight of Hand, located on Second Street in Walla Walla, is SOLD OUT! But you can shop at the Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman because she still has some bottles of this Syrah available for sale. See - - at least the "W" will always come through for ya, even though this is brought to you today by the letter, "S."

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