The Book

Wines of Walla Walla Valley: A Deep-Rooted History 

By Catie McIntyre Walker
Published by the History Press 

As early as the 1840s, French settlers brought their knowledge of wine to Washington’s Walla Walla Valley. The highly fertile soil and abundant water were perfect complements to their Old World winemaking traditions, halted only by Prohibition and the historically unmerciful weather conditions. A century after the first settlers arrived, the area’s wine industry reestablished itself when new pioneers opened wineries in the early and mid-1900s, a trade that continues to thrive today. Discover the southeastern portion of the Washington Territory along Lewis and Clark’s trail in a whole new light with the trailblazing vintners of the Walla Walla wine industry. Taste the history in every glass as I unearth the valley’s transformation from Wild West to world-class wine region.

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