Friday, January 13, 2006

What Will $100 Buy?

Did you get a crisp $100 bill for Christmas and it is burning a hole in your purse, wallet or mattress? Need ideas on how you will spend it? Well, that $100 bill could buy you a bottle of Leonetti Cellars 2002 Red Reserve from the Walla Walla Valley.

Leonetti is one of the most famous small wineries in the state of Washington and even in the nation. Also can boast as being one of the pioneer wineries in the Walla Walla Valley. Gary Figgins, owner and winemaker, founded his winery about 23 years ago. He has received distinguished ratings from international wine media and ranked as some of the best wines of the world. Gary has a cult following because most of his wines are sold to those lucky enough to be on his mailing list. Rumor is there is a waiting list to get on the main waiting list to get on the mailing list.

Let's talk about this bottle of $100 wine. They say (How in the hell should I know? I cannot afford this beauty of a wine. I have to rely on the charity of others to taste the royal Leonetti and once in awhile a gift of a bottle will come my way.) the taste of the 2002 Leonetti Red Reserve boasts incredible sweet fruit, cedar, plums, and cassis. Dark, powerful and very aromatic. And like most of Leonetti's wines it is acid and tannic balanced. The blend is Cabernet Sauvignon 52%, Merlot 31%, Petit Verdot 17%. This wine is entirely estate grown in the Walla Walla Valley from the world class Leonetti Vineyards. Aged in new French and American oak barrels for 22 months.

So remember - if this wine is what you have chosen to spend your $100 on, can you remember me and invite me over for a glass of charity -- umm - I mean wine? I promise to just to have one glass.

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