Thursday, February 23, 2006

New Washington State Appellation - Rattlesnake Hills

Rattlesnake Hills will become Washington state's ninth wine grape growing region effective March 20, as per the US Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. The Rattlesnake Hills is southeast of Yakima in central Washington. It stretches from Union Gap south of Yakima to north of Sunnyside, about 45 miles to the east. This approval by the bureau means that it has recognized the 68,500-acreage's distinct climate and soil features - - terroir. The silty-loam soil of this region holds moisture better than other soils in the wine growing region.

This is a good thing for the state as it shows diversity in Washington wines, but could also mean a change of labels for some wineries who use grapes from this region and if Bush's new tax proposal passes, this could mean extra costs for them.

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