Friday, July 28, 2006

The Accidental Tourist Guide

Darryl from Oregon sends me an email and writes:

"...I know that you are busy and that you are not a tour guide...planning a wine tasting trip to Walla Walla...which places would you visit?...where would you stay?"

Darryl, thank you for your email and by the way -- in many ways I feel this blog is my outlet to be that armchair tourist guide for a town that I love so much. In fact, that is the reason why I list an email address so my readers can write me about wine and Walla Walla. I look forward to receiving emails like yours. Alas, for every good email there are 20 bad emails like this:

"$#%!bbxz#*(& win big lottery...bored housewife turned bad XXX spanky-spanky...Dear Madame. I am very important person on the Isle of Manifestomisto and my father died. You can trust me. URGENT! He left me $800 million and will split with you if you send $... #*&k)^scrumbles peach to recurring by giraffe"

I love-love-love answering questions from my readers and visiting with our tourists. Hopefully I give honest, yet enthusiastic (and never jaded or too biased) answers. Reasonably, I have my favorite places to eat and wines to drink, but I feel that at this time there is something special about every winery in Walla Walla and I would like tell a visitor to visit them all when possible. Sure, I may not like someone's Chardonnay, but I may also think they have an amazing Cabernet. I try to be precise in my dislikes. As an example, there are a few wine varietals that aren't my favorite, but I can tell you where to find the best and not to miss out. And just because you have not read about a certain wine or winery on this blog, it does not mean I do not care for them or their wines. It means that I have not gotten to it yet. Sometimes a winery has to contact me and jog my memory. Remember - there are so many wines and so little time.

So to those who own a new winery, restaurant, or accomodations please write me and introduce yourself. If you aren't new, remind me that you are here. And to my readers - write me. I would love hearing from you.


Mithrandir said...


What are your recommendations?

Catie said...

Send me an email address and list any specific varietals or styles you like and I will tell you what I recommend. Cheers!

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