Friday, February 16, 2007

Gifford Hirlinger Stateline Red - 2003

Last year I was given a gift of Gifford Hirlinger 2003 Stateline Red from the Walla Walla appellation. An interesting name for a wine. Where did it come from? Winemaker, Mike Berghan chose names, "Gifford Hirlinger" after two Walla Walla pioneers related to him.

Super Bowl Sunday gave me an opportunity to open the bottle and relax with a glass -- umm -- a few glasses. It is Gifford Hirlinger's first release of estate grown wine and only 320 cases were produced. Stateline Red is a table red blend of 58% Cabernet Sauvignon and 42% Merlot. The color was a brilliant ruby-red with lots of juicy berry notes going on. I picked up a smack of chocolate dipped strawberries and a touch of spice. The lively acid content makes this wine very food-friendly.

GH Stateline Red is a food wine that can be paired with something simple as a bowl of chili (like I did) or decadent like chocolate truffles. If you are looking for an everyday wine, you know - since the doctor has told us a glass of wine a day is good for our hearts, this makes an excellent and tasty heart medication!

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