Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Adamant Cellars Semillon

Those who know my tastes in wine can tell you that Semillon is not one of my favorite grapes. You know, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I've never warmed up to it. Sure, it’s just okay blended with another white like Sauvignon Blanc, but on its own - can_not_do_it. At the same time, I am trying really hard, I really am, to learn to enjoy this wine. The reason? To practice what I preach - -

My preach? Get beyond the reds people! Why limit your wine experiences? One of my wine pet peeves happens behind the tasting room bar. Behind the bar you will always have certain customers who want you to know that they are rather wine savoir-faire and could replace you and your little cork screw, too, Dorothy. However, they blow it when they are quick with a dismissive, but superior, "Uhhh - - I don’t dooo whitesss..." (complete with eye roll) and you can almost hear a hiss from the "s" at the end of the sentence. Hmmm - would professional wine critics, judges and even Master Sommeliers get very far with attitudes like that?

So in my quest to finally find a Semillon that I liked, I didn’t have to go far because this Semillon found me! In June, when wine tasting with fellow blogger, Gene the notorious "Seattle Wine Blogger", he made a quick trip into Adamant Cellars to buy a bottle of wine he had previously tasted. Of course, I followed to see what I was missing out on and there it was - - I tasted the white wine before I knew what it was - - a perfectly chilled Semillon! And the verdict? I liked it! I really liked it! Gene, who knew my dislike for Semillon, could not believe his own ears when I announced, "Wow! What a bright, crisp wine! Perfect for the summer! I really like this. What is it?"

Devin Stinger, winemaker and owner of Adamant Cellars, really did this grape justice. I think the reason why I enjoyed this Semillon so was due to the fact that the grapes only met with steel and zero oak. I was able to taste the fruit without the heavy swipe from the old oak tree. A single designated vineyard wine, Walla Walla’s Les Collines, and only 180 cases of this Bordeaux-rooted white were made. Definitely check it out because two weeks ago Devin said there wasn't much of this 2006 vintage left.

This is one of the first releases for Adamant Cellars. They are currently part of the new Port of Walla Walla incubator winery project at the airport. Devin also released a Rose’ - 2006 for the summer, using the Saigne method in a small stainless steel tank. It was a blend of 65% Syrah, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 15% Merlot. Sorry - all sold out, but I can vouch for this fresh and fruity Rose' - delicious!

Named for a legendary stone of impenetrable hardness and sometimes identified with a diamond, Adamant is definitely a winery I would recommend to be there for their future releases.

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