Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Grape Way of the Internet

Did you know that everything you need to know about wine is right at your fingertips, as long as your fingertips are placed on the keyboard and not always wrapped about the stem of your glass? So, what do you want to learn today? Want to read several wine blogs at once? Alltops Wine lists some of the top fifty wine blogs in the world (and yes, you will find Through the Walla Walla Grape Vine listed) and if you want to over-dose on more wine blogs, check out Scrugy, AlaWine.Com and a new one coming your way - - the Weekly Wine Round-Up!

Looking for a simple way to review wine, search for wines and find out what others have to say about wines, then get Cork’d and Snooth'd (I promise it's not as painful as it sounds). Great wine doesn't have to be hard to find when you use Vinquire. And if that isn't enough, you can also search for wines, share wines, make a wish list, write a review and read more wine blogs at Adegga - the Social Wine Discovery.

Is food and wine pairing more your thing? Curious about new restaurants, looking for a new recipe? You'll find it on the internet by signing into Culination and Food Buzz.

Are you sitting in Kansas or New Jersey and pissed off that you can’t get any Walla Walla wines shipped to you and don't understand why? Read about the ever-changing wine shipping laws at Wine Without Borders. Then after reading these laws, brought to you by friends of the Wine and Spirit Wholesalers of America whose selfless intent is to "protect the children from using their credit cards and buying $50 bottles of wine online," (which the intent is about as safe and selfless as Michael Jackson volunteering as a playground monitor) then vent your frustrations about these unconstitutional laws at Free The Grapes.

Are you in the wine industry or a wine blogger and want to do a bit of networking, follow industry discussions and find out the latest wine news scoop? Check out the Open Wine Consortium. Maybe you just want to make some new wine friends and find other wine lovers in your area who want to profess their love for Fume Blancs, Plonks d' Blancs, Chateau Lafite Poo-Foofery-Phoo and Blue Nun, then Must Love Wine is your social wine network.

Want to keep an inventory of your private wine stash and remove it from the dog-earred spiral notebook you stole from your kid? List your inventory and find out what others have to say about the wines and best of all - - do it for free at Cellar Tracker and VinCellar.

Curious about what the best of the best enophiles are chatting about? Want to spy on conversations of wine bloggers and others in the wine industry, then you'll find them at Facebook, Twitter and Pownce. Send them a virtual cupcake to let them know you've been there. I prefer the red velvet ones, myself.

And last but not least, maybe all you care about is learning about wine and being entertained at the same time. I recommend that you watch Wine Library TV. View this guy "swishy-swish," spit in the dump bucket, and then yell with an unpretentious gonzo approach about wine, while cheering and ranting about the New York Jets.

(And trust me, I haven't even begun to bring to you all of the grape sources out there - - they are endless and ever-growing! In fact, I welcome my wine internet comrades to please list some of their favorites and self-promote in the comment section - - if they're not posted above. So don't be saying I'm never nice...Cheers!)


Brian Charles Clark said...

Great round up of Web-based resources for wine lovers! May I suggest the biweekly e-newsletter I edit, Voice of the Vine. The Voice is free, and brings readers news about research, education and outreach from Washington State University, the Pacific Northwest's only four-year program in viticulture and enology. Interested readers can learn more about V&E at WSU, and subscribe to the Voice, at

Catie said...

Thank you Brian for letting my readers know about the Voice of the Vine from WSU. In fact, I have been a subscriber since the very first e-newsletter.

enobytes said...

Gary was in Portland last night for his book signing and he couldn’t stop talking about how great Walla Walla wines are!!! Woo Hoo!

Catie said...

tThat you, Pamela? Right after I published this I thought, "Enoby..." but glad you found this!

Also happy to hear that GaryV is telling people in Portland he likes the Walla2 wines. When we met him in Seattle he also commented on them. Thanks for checking in!

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