Sunday, March 08, 2009

Tourism Walla Walla Blogs!

Tourism Walla Walla is a complete website for everything Walla Walla! As a tourist, you will discover countless ways to experience Walla Walla. In fact, even if you're a local you'll discover news, surprises, besides serving as a reminder just how fortunate we are to have all of these treasures so close to us! At Tourism Walla Walla you will discover history and cultural attractions: Main Street, historic homes, Lewis & Clark info, art, live theatre, yummy culinary experiences, and over 100 wineries! If it's the great outdoors you enjoy, some of the popular activities in Walla Walla are golfing, biking, hiking, winter sports and bird watching. Sometimes just enjoying the captivating and charming scenery of the valley and the Blue Mountains is enough! And if you are looking to plan a visit or a meeting - go Tourism Walla Walla.

To assist in giving our visitors, and those who are curious about Walla Walla, a first hand experience Tourism Walla Walla now blogs - Discover Walla Walla! Each week, knowledgeable locals will post their personal experiences and news. You'll find secrets and surprises about favorite places, cultural hap's, cycling, food and even - - wine! Now I wonder what local blogger is blogging about wine? Hmm...who could she be? Oh! Did I say, "she?" (she said with shameless self-promotion...) So check it out!

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