Friday, May 15, 2009

I Drink Your Wine - Dan McCool

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting (over a glass of wine, of course) with Dan McCool, from I Drink Your Wine. "I Drink Your Wine" is one of those concepts, that you kind of thump yourself later and say, "Why didn't I think of that?" And yet, Dan will be honest that it is not an original idea, as others before him have been marketing items this way on the internet.

Dan started on April 1, 2009, and everyday since he's been "selling" his love of wine. "Selling his love of wine," you're thinking? Yup, he's "sellin' da lovvve." On April 1st, he started drinking a different wine everyday and will continue for the rest of 2009. In fact, he wants to drink your wine! Then, after he drinks your wine, he will post a short video, taking multiple pictures throughout the day and then blog about your wine! These days of drinking your wine are sold at “face value” so if you were starting on January 1, it would cost $1 and then of course, December 31 would cost $365.

This year, with the concept being new and all, and beings that Dan started April 1, you are getting a real bargain, because even if you don't have Dan "drink your wine" until December 31, 2009 you will only have to pay $275 instead of $365. Also, the first 50 early adopters in 2009 get preference for their choice of days in 2010.

Maybe you've already seen Dan around the wineries in Walla Walla selling his "love?" So far, he has drank the Walla Walla wines of: Elegante Cellars, Cougar Crest Winery, Cavu Cellars, Skylite Cellars, Russell Creek Cellars, LeChateau Winery, Walla Walla Village Winery, Locati Cellars, Crossroads Steak House, Dunham Cellars, and there's more to come!

The day Dan and I visited, he had just finished filming the Hendersons at Lowden Hills Winery. Sonja and Lulu look as lovely as ever - oh, and of course, so does Jim. Enjoy!

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