Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Be Heard from Your Keyboard!

Blogging and Social Networking For Wineries!

Monday, June 15, 2009

9:00 am - Noon
Center for Enology & Viticulture Room 1608
500 Tausick Way - Walla Walla
Cost: $30.00

If you own a winery and you are not blogging, you should be! Give your winery a voice in the blogosphere, whether you are a new or an established winery. Increase your sales and keep the ones you have. Discover the basics of getting your winery blog online, finding your niche, reaching out to other bloggers and adding tools that can enhance your winery’s blog and readership.

There’s a new generation of wine drinkers who spend a lot of time on the internet via computers and cell phones. Podcasting and online videos are another way to blog your wines. Discover how to tie your winery’s blog to Twitter, Facebook, My Space and other social media and networking tools.

This seminar will be lead by Catie McIntyre Walker (me!)

In 2005, Catie McIntyre Walker started Through the Walla Walla Grape Vine, a wine blog. She was the first to author a wine blog in the Walla Walla area and had no idea of where the project would take her. Eventually, it would lead her to her own column, The Grape Vine in the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin’s Lifestyle magazine. Catie also blogs about wine for Tourism Walla Walla. After eight years of working in wine retail, she hung up her corkscrew to open her own online wine store, Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman. She is a graduate of the Walla Walla Institute for Enology and Viticulture. When Catie isn’t writing, she keeps in contact with other wine bloggers and organizations for the latest tools in blogging and social networking.


The Wine Brat said...

WOW! This is such a great seminar. I don't work at a winery, but you've inspired me! I want to attend!

I truly believe that the more we educate wineries about why they should blog, and WHAT they should blog about, that we will move the Titanic. The wine biz is notoriously slow to adapt, but with the tide changing, it's adapt or become extinct.

Congrats Catie! Now...where can I buy the dvd ;-)

William said...

Will you be holding this seminar online or using a conference call?

Catie said...

Hi William,
For now it will be a face-to-face at the Center for Enology & Viticulture Room 1608 in Walla walla. However, in the future and if all goes according to plan, I may expand to webinars, etc. Thanks for checking in.

Catie said...

Hey Thea,

Many thanks for checking in. I do think this seminar will give some insight to blogging even if you are not a winery and just want to be an indie wine blogger.

And as soon as the DVD comes out, you'll be the first to know.


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