Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Game On! 8-Bit Vintners

When it comes to gaming I plead ignorance, but I wasn’t always. In the early 80’s I polished my skills on Ms. Pacman. I was in a situation of "if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em." At the time, my young step-son and his friends were very much into arcades and when we took the kids out for pizza after a football game, they became glued to the video games.

Mike James, self-proclaimed gaming geek and owner/winemaker of 8-Bit Vintners realized while gamers were busy slaying dragons and saving princesses, these heroes with square box weapons needed their own wine. I could hardly wait to try 8-Bit Vintners “Player 1” when I first heard it was to be bottled in July.

“Player 1” is a red blend of 50% Syrah, 30% Tempranillo, 10% Cab Sauv, and 5% of Carmenere and 5% Malbec produced with fruit from the Columbia and Walla Walla Valleys. Mike chose to use screw caps instead of corks and it wasn’t a statement against corks either. His intentions for the wine was easy access and to be enjoyed NOW! Like who needs to screw with a cork when you are busy playing with your joy stick?

A few days ago, I heard my doorbell ring just as I opened my first bottle of 8-Bit Vintners. It was a good friend stopping by and he must have heard the snap and release of the bottle cap. It was a fun surprise and a great reason for an impromptu plate of water crackers, crisp apple slices and a wheel of smoked gouda. We found the blend to be an “easy sipper.” Right up front it showed the fruitiness of the syrah with just a hint of spice at the end. The tannins were well balanced and the acids didn’t clash with the tartness of the apples. Yeah, and the price is right. At $18 a bottle it’s a wine you could enjoy every day or share with friends for a special event. Rumor is there may be a white blend named “Player 2.”

I think Mike James has accomplished his goal. Game on!


Benito said...

As a geek who grew up in the 70s/80s, and became a wine lover in the 90s... THAT IS THE MOST AWESOME LABEL EVER.

Will it ever be available in Tennessee, or do I just have to move to the Pacific Northwest to get access to all these awesome wines?

Catie said...

Hi Ben,

You're right, it's a very awesome label. Get yourself an address in another state and we'll talk.
Thanks for stopping by.


goblinbox said...

Smoked gouda FTW!

Catie said...

For the win?
F@%$ the world?
F@%$ the wheel of gouda?

Anonymous said...

Love the blog! And thanks for the twitter follow!

Catie said...

Hey Cuvasion!
Thanks for stopping by. I loved visiting your winery and tasting your wonderful wines this summer during the WBC!

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