Thursday, December 08, 2011

Bliss and Locati Cellars Sangiovese

It's been no secret I enjoy pondering food and wine pairings. I use to play it safe until a few years ago when I enjoyed an entree prepared by one of my favorite local chefs. The pairing was lobster in a saffron broth and accompanied with cabernet franc. Whoever said seafood and cabernet do not mix, never tried this memorable, yet unusual pairing. I've been inspired to explore "boldness" ever since.

Yesterday morning I went to Starbucks to get my usual. I had an early meeting so I didn't have time to have a little breakfast at home, other than my usual cup of coffee. The pastry shelves looked so tantalizing, as they often do, and there it was. It was rich, colorful and festive. The Cranberry Bliss Bar: a blonde brownie base, topped with a sweet cream cheese icing and tart dried cranberries, garnished with a white orange drizzle.

It turned out I had such a busy morning, I didn't even get an opportunity to eat my "Bliss" until later in the evening, after I returned home.

Locati Cellars Sangiovese - 2008
was also my wine of the evening. The wine is a blend of two vineyards from two different areas: the estate vineyard at Mission Hills in Walla Walla and Rosebud Vineyards from the Wahluke Slope.

Sangiovese is typically an excellent food wine with it's rich acidic finish. Locati Cellars Sangiovese is a fine example of why this wine grape has paired so well with tomato-base Italian cuisine for centuries.

When you hold the half-filled wine glass bowl to the light, you see a clear and brilliant garnet color from the Sangiovese. The aromatics are bold of cherries, cigar box, and vanilla.

As I was sipping the wine more cherries came through with a round mouthful of even more cherries, along with caramel, and a long finish of crisp bright acids.

I decided it was time to attack that colorful bar of Cranberry Bliss and what I found was a unique and luscious pairing with the Locati Cellars Sangiovese. The texture of the blonde and chewy caramel-like brownie and soft buttery white chocolate met the lush roundness of the wine. The sweet-tart acids from the dried cranberries and the bright acids from wine complimented each other.

It was - - bliss.


a woman who is said...

Bliss indeed!!! Two of my favorite things. Hey Catie dear, I decided to start my self a little wine journal blog, and have you on my blog roll list. I just think this adventure is so fun and worth documenting, even if it is just for my sake.

Have a great and wonderful Christmas!

Catie said...

Hey Cindy! Nice to see you here. Most definitely, keep a wine journal. I will be looking forward to reading about your adventures. Best wishes and happy holidays!

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