Monday, October 23, 2006

A Moveable Wine...

She's baaaackkk!!! With apologies to Ernest Hemingway.

A week ago I faced moving my wine collection. Now it isn't exactly a huge one - around 100 bottles or so. Now that I have more space I am looking at having some shelves built and I will have a wine closet, since I don't have a basement --- and this will also means with more room I can collect more wine!

Here is what I learned about moving my wine to a new house. First of all, be cautious the type of weather you are moving your collection in. October is a perfect month! If it is in the 90 - 100 degrees, move it in the evening when it is cooler and if you are facing freezing temps, pack and cover the boxes well. If you have a manageable wine collection, move the wine in your car. This will allow you to control the temperature in either hot or cold weather.

If it doesn't make sense for you to move the wine in your car because of the size of the collection and the distance of the move, you need to decide first, what the total value of the collection is. Then you can decide whether to ship it with a professional moving service provider in one of their traditional moving trailers, or on a climate controlled vehicle. Remember, your wine collection can represent a sizable investment.

Professional movers are qualified to correctly pack the bottles. If you are packing the wine yourself, you may want to give some consideration to obtaining the wine packing boxes that are used to transport wine by the case. Pack the bottles in the wine boxes upside down, since traditionally you place them on their side in the cellar. By turning bottles upside down, this assures you that the corks will stay wet.

One last thing to remember, even if extreme care has been used in packing and transporting your wine collection, bottle shock may occur. The wine will shake within the bottle as it is moved. If opened too soon, a loss if flavor may result. Allow the bottles to rest for seven days prior to opening.

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Anonymous said...

I can only envy you people out there in the Heartland, who have room for even 100 bottles of wine. When you live in a tiny apartment in NYC, even storing a case or two can be an issue.

In any case, I'd drink my "collection" pretty fast anyhow.

I hope the new digs are working out fine. Cheers!


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