Thursday, June 12, 2008

Doubleback by a Quarterback

This was a busy last weekend for special wine events. Besides Vintage Walla Walla and Taste Washington - Spokane, there was another highlight going on - - the unveiling of Walla Walla High School football alumni and retired NFL quarterback, Drew Bledsoe's new Walla Walla wine project.

John Lastoskie, owner of GRAZE Catering, sent me an email to share his blog and photos regarding the unveiling of the Doubleback Winery Launch. Doubleback is the name of the new wine project. It is located south of Milton-Freewater at the McQueen Vineyard, which overlooks the Walla Walla Valley. During the unveiling Bledsoe announced his new winemaker, Chris Figgins for the Doubleback project. And of course, we all know Chris of Leonetti Cellar. Plans for Bordeaux-style wines will be produced from Walla Walla grapes.

I shot an email back to John which said, "Hey spill! Tell me all the juicy stuff. Any gossip? Who was in attendance out of the 160+ guests? Who drank too much wine and who danced on the table?" Alas, John didn't have any such information as he claimed he was too busy trying to prepare the food and stated that it was "crazy windy!" John did tell me that everyone had a wonderful time, and the new Doubleback logo/label looked really fantastic. The menu included: wonton crackers topped with spicy ahi tuna, flat iron steak chopsticks, bruschetta white bean puree, pork confit, grilled shrimp and scallop skewers with herbed butter, endive goat cheese mouse, lemon zest candied hazelnuts, artisan cheeses, asparagus with aioli and the Colville Street Patisserie prepared the desserts. And some of the finest wines from the Walla Walla Valley were poured.

Okay John. Good enough for this time. However, John did promise me that at the next big event, he would try to get me more "dirt." Please check out John's blog for more photos.

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