Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Taste Washington - Spokane 2008

Taste Washington - Spokane happened this last Sunday and was held at the beautiful Davenport Hotel. And while the Spokane event had a different flavor from the April Taste Washington - Seattle event, it was equally as much fun and informative. If you haven’t attended Taste Washington - Spokane, I recommend it.

The Spokane Taste Washington Grand Tasting has a very elegant and intimate feel, unlike the more hip-casual feel of the larger Seattle event (which is also great fun - - just different). For me, the bonus of the Spokane event is due to the fact it’s held at the downtown landmark Davenport Hotel. The wine and food booths are located in various ballrooms through out the Davenport, which we found rather exciting as each ballroom had it’s individual and elegant styles from English Tudor, French and Italian Neoclassic, including a touch of fresco and crystal chandeliers.

Of course, when you go to a wine event, you find yourself visiting with those wine booths that are familiar to you especially if you have friends pouring. "We" (family members: Caren, Allen and Ronda) indeed visited with the many wineries from Walla Walla, but made it a point to branch out. Some highlights from other wine areas were wines from Brian Carter Cellars (great European blends), Alexandria Nicole, Apex, including Barrister and Arbor Crest wineries located Spokane. Michael from Whitestone Winery in Wilbur, WA gave us a few good laughs after discovering we were from Walla Walla and he explained to us "at least he didn't have to be Wilbur Wilbur, WA." As I often do, I found myself busy visiting more with friends and making new friends than I did taste wine. Is this an occupational hazard or am I just a busy-body?

Another highlight for me personally was the Pemco Insurance booth. Pemco is one of the "Magnum Sponsors" of this Spokane event. That evening they were featuring their version of the Walla Walla Wine Wine Woman Woman from their "Northwest Profile- We’re A lot Like You" campaign. I patiently stood in line to introduce myself - - umm - - after all, I thought it important that they meet the original - heh (and again, thanks for the link, Pemco.)

Taste Washington events are owned and operated by the Washington Wine Commission and behind the scenes, Taste Washington is much more than wine and food. An auction event is held during the Spokane Grand Tasting and proceeds benefit the Washington State University Viticulture and Enology program, the WSU Hospitality program and a portion also benefits Spokane’s Davenport District Arts Board. This is an event that should be marked on your calendar for 2009.

From Wine Press NW - (you can see me and my family in the background at 2:23-2:32 at the Pemco booth and 5:58-6:02 at Viking)

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Joann said...

Hi Catie -

My name is Joann and I work with a PR firm that works with PEMCO Insurance. I very much enjoyed reading your blog posting about PEMCO’s ad campaign. We agree it is a lot of fun, and we are excited that people like you enjoy it as well.

I don’t know if you read the Seattle PI, but one of the reporters, Bill Virgin, does a column each year in which he asks the community about ads they like, or don’t like. I thought that if you are still a fan of the “We're A Lot Like You” campaign, you might want to chime in. If you opt to share your thoughts, his e-mail address is billvirgin@seattlepi.com.

Thanks for your early blog, your support and your time in considering this.

BTW, stay tuned for a new set of ads coming soon!

Many thanks,


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