Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Result of a Crush

The result of Gale and Mike's Reynvaan Family Vineyards, in the Walla Walla Valley, have been distinctive and expressive wines.  The wine from the soil of their vines have been collecting many accolades and high scores. Now begat another result from the Reynvaan family - -  

Matt, Angela and Amanda
The Result of a Crush is the new Walla Walla winery that was founded by Gale and Mike's daughters, Amanda Reynvaan and Angela Reynvaan Garratt. The Reynvaan sisters wanted to produce a wine that was affordable, yet distinctive like the wines from their family's winery.  Enters their brother as consulting winemaker, Matt Reynvaan. Their ultimate goal was quality, but with a bit of whimsy.  

In the Reynvaan sibling's research they discovered there were a limited number of wines on the shelves that had all three components they were looking for in a wine: high-end quality, whimsical presence, and still affordable. As mother's, Amanda and Angela wanted wines they could bring with to special occasions such as bridal parties and  baby showers. Their goal for Result of a Crush was for wine lovers to recognize quality, yet affordability in their playful packaging.  SMOOCH! 

The first release for Result of a Crush is a non-vintage red that has been produced with the majority of Syrah.  Like the Reynvaan family style, the red wine is lush and wafts dark Bing cherries, red plums and rich black olives. Earthy! On the palate is bold dark juicy stone fruit such as fresh Italian plums and more cherries.  Finishes with little hints of grilled caramelized smoky meats and spice. 

A wine definitely to sip and savor by itself, but still gives many options to food pairings.  Do I dare say it's a "crush-worthy" wine?

Looking forward to checking out the newest bottling of Result of a Crush Rosé. Sounds like the timing for release will be perfect for the Thanksgiving turkey.  Best wishes to Amanda and Angela! 

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