Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Walla Walla Wine Word for Dummies: Weekly Wine Word Wednesdays

The Weekly Walla Walla Wine Word for Dummies is: Claret  

The name "Claret" derives from the French clairet, a now very uncommon dark rose' that was a common wine exported from Bordeaux until the 18th century.  Eventually the name was shortened to "claret" due to its widespread consumption. You know - - kind of like how us Americans have shortened Budweiser to just plain, "Bud."

It is a protected name within Europe when describing a red Bordeaux wine and was accepted after the British wine trade demonstrated over 300 years' usage of the term. However, the meaning of "claret" has changed over time to refer to a dry, dark red Bordeaux. It has remained a term associated with the English "upper-class."

The name Claret is occasionally used in the United States on labels for naming Bordeaux-style red blends.

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