Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Couvillion Cabernet Sauvignon

Another great wine from Couvillion! I had an opportunity to taste this wine with Jill Noble, the winemaker, and our mutual friend Sharyl. When Sharyl heard I had an interview with Jill, she offered to not only chauffeur me to the winery, but to write my wine notes down for me as well. Now that's a friend -- but wait, could it have been the opportunity to taste Jill's wonderful wines? Surely not! Pure friendship must've been the motive!

In any case, we agreed - what an elegant wine this Cabernet is. I think this one actually resembles Jill's personality: it's a rich and silky wine with aromas of dark cherry and plum -- and it is spicy! Yet it's robust, too, with soft tannins. All in all, this is a well-structured Cabernet, that can be paired with something rich and dense like prime rib or steak topped with blue cheese or as Sharyl noted, a wine that can hold its own.

On the label Jill writes, "This Cabernet speaks to my heart and soul. It has rich fruit in the mid -palate with lovely black currant notes. This balances the acidity and oak favorably.”

Just 390 cases of this wine were produced. The price is $25 per bottle -- another great Couvillion deal.

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