Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Walla Walla - The Best Place To Live

The April 2006 issue of Men's Journal magazine included Walla Walla in its annual "50 Best Places to Live." It was quoted: 'The techno elite in Seattle might scoff, but "the town so nice they named it twice", is actually a sophisficated oasis on rolling plains. More than 65 wineries now dot the Walla Walla Valley. A recent $53 million renovation has sparked a boom, and the town's three colleges feed thriving music and art scenes. And unlike the coast, you won't always need rain gear while biking in the nearby Blue Mountains...'

Walla Walla was also cited in the 'Up and Coming' section under the headline, "Make a move on these below-the-radar spots before word gets out. WALLA WALLA -- Wine, arts and music, mountain biking and fly-fishing all make Walla Walla a nice place to live."

Duh - - The word is already out and the majority of us, born and raised Walla Wallan's, have been trying to tell people this for years. They finally believe it when they read it in print from a stranger.

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