Monday, October 05, 2015

Mother Knows Best: Sleight of Hand Spellbinder - 2012

Yes, I am still writing about wine. So, I took a couple of months off. You're not going to rid of me that easy ... 

Like most families, we are all busy, including my mother. My mother is legally blind, but can still maneuver her house chores, she coordinates neighborhood gatherings, walks with her morning walking group, and has the most beautiful flower beds that she maintains all by herself. I should be so fortunate, even with my half-way decent eye sight. In other words, my mother makes me look like a slacker. 

Because we are all so busy, about once a month she likes her children, at least those here in town, to come over for Sunday dinner. I will often bring a bottle of wine, but mom has a nice little stash herself and anything that looks interesting to her, she brings home and puts in her collection. You see, her doctor told her a little glass of wine before bedtime is good for her - - and she follows the doctor's orders. Wines with a screw cap works especially well for mom. 

Last night we went to mom's for Sunday dinner. She made a meal that was a childhood favorite of mine and my siblings - Swiss steak, mashed potatoes, fresh local green beans, a garden green salad with lots of fresh local tomatoes - - and if we cleaned our plates we got ice cream. Yay! 

What is "Swiss steak?" It's a large round steak cut into serving sizes, then seasoned, browned and braised very slow in a crock pot or oven in a sauce of tomatoes, onions, peppers, and mushrooms. And yes - - the recipe is originally from Switzerland. 

Mom was prepared as she already had a bottle of wine set out - it was the Sleight of Hand Cellars Spellbinder - 2012 

Perfect! It had been a few months since I had a glass of red wine - - yes, really. For some reason this summer I had been exclusively drinking bubbles, whites and plenty of rosés. My taste buds have not been in the mood for reds. However, having a glass of Sleight of Hand Cellars Spellbinder changed my mind - - and it is also fall, which is the perfect time to pair reds with the seasonal fare. 

Spellbinder, with a screw cap for Mom, is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah. It was a great nose full of cherries, dark berries and dried plums, with a hint of tobacco. The flavors were soothing to my palate, especially after a palate of white wines for a few months. The flavors offered more black berries, a hint of Cocoa-Cola, and the right balance of tannins. I sampled it a bit before dinner, and of course, it paired perfect with Mom's dinner.  In other words, whether you enjoy this as a "lone-sipper" or pair it with a casual, but well-prepared tasty dinner - - the Sleight of Hand Spellbinder is a winner-winner-Swiss-steak dinner! 

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