Monday, May 01, 2017

Mother Earth: Vines, Wines, and Moms

Studies have shown a mother’s impulse to love and protect her child appears to be hard-wired. This impulse is often referred to as “maternal instinct.” Is there a mother’s impulse to love and protect the wines and vines, as well?  In the Walla Walla Valley, it is certainly true. 
There are at least 1,200 people employed in the Walla Walla Valley wine industry. This number includes winemakers, production, hospitality, retail, and administration. Women are still under-represented in this industry, but they are certainly not excluded. 

In the U.S. there are roughly 10 percent of wineries that have female winemakers, yet the number is growing. In the Walla Walla Valley there are over a dozen women winemakers that are also mothers who wear that “purple badge” of honor on their hands – it’s the lingering stain of the grape that tends to make a mess of a new manicure or a favorite article of clothing.           

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