How I Taste Wine

Wines are subjective. My palate is not like yours. Therefore, you will not see ratings or QPR's on this wine blog by me. It is my opinion wine tasting should be a glorious adventure and not calculated down to a formula. I recommend to all levels of wine enthusiasts to keep seeking out wines, discover your own palate, and most of all, keep an open mind.

What you will read on this wine blog are descriptions of the wines and sometimes suggested food pairings, but most of all you will read about the experiences: the wineries, the wines, and the winemakers.

If you are a winery, brewery, or a in-house of a PR representative of these businesses, you are welcome to send me samples. However, while I do accept complimentary samples I do NOT under any circumstances accept paid advertising for wineries or pay-to-post.

Please note that if you are interested in sending me samples, I will make every effort to examine, taste, or otherwise try your product in a timely fashion. It is important to note that I will not promise to review them.

It is also important to note that while I accept complimentary samples, I spend at least once a week visiting with wineries, tasting with winemakers, wine marketing directors, wholesale wine distributors and attend and also host many wine tasting events. My time is spent more on these face-to-face tastings and wine activities far more than I receive in complimentary wine/beer products.

To the Federal Trade Commission regarding samples. If I have received a complimentary bottle of wine  and I have chosen to write about it, then at the end of the post, I will have the following words: "Received as a complimentary sample." Otherwise, wines I have tasted and reviewed were either wines I tasted at a private setting as a guest or I have purchased the bottle of wine and/or tasting room sample. 

If you have any further questions you are welcome to contact me at my Email.  Many thanks!
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