Monday, March 20, 2006

CreekTown Cafe

Do you want to dress up for the evening, but dine on old family recipes like bread pudding or would you rather wear your jeans and dine on cherry balsamic duck breast? No matter how you dress, the freshest food and finest local wines come into the back doors of this intimate and friendly cafe to reach the tables of their guests.

Proprietors Tom Uberuaga and Bill Pancake have built a dining experience with hometown roots. Tom was formerly opening manager of the distinguished White-House Crawford restaurant in Walla Walla and Bill was chef and former owner of Jacobi's (Jacobi's was never as good after Bill sold it) at the old historic train station in Walla Walla.

Everytime I dine at CreekTown, my tastebuds remind me "Why don't I eat here more often?" Saturday was just such a day when my tastebuds spoke to me. My son Allen was in town and we met up with Jeff, one of his best friends. Jeff and co-owner Bill are cousins and when Jeff said, "Let me treat you at my cousin's restaurant", I knew exactly where he meant - CreekTown Cafe!

Some of my favorites are the bread pudding for dessert and the hummus and baked artichoke dip appetizer plate. One evening we dined on a prime rib special that included a baked (and very rich) mac and cheese and a vegetable gratin. We left feeling stuffed but happy.

Saturday I tried their special of coconut shrimp over roasted vegetables. I asked for a wine suggestion and our waitress paired it perfect - a Viognier from Rulo Winery. The floral and soft pear notes from the wine really blended nicely with the curry ginger sauce over the roasted vegetables.

CreekTown keeps a local rotating wine list so they can pour every Walla Walla wine at least a couple times a year. The cafe is small and always busy, so I definitely recommend reservations.

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