Monday, March 06, 2006

Two Unsophisticated Moms

I recently discovered this blog Two Unsophisticated Mom's Guide To Wine and Beer .

Jess and Christie may be unsophisticated in their wine lingo, but are very eager to share their wine and beer tasting journeys. I love it! They are two PTA moms that are honest in their descriptions of wines and what they like to drink.

They are a great example that wine is no longer for the distinguished older man wearing the tweed jacket with the tastevin and sash draped around his neck. While the world of wine has become broader and more intricate than ever before, it is important that it appeals to more than the old stereo-type wine drinker from years gone by. To keep wine sales flourishing, we need honesty from wine consumers on what they enjoy and it needs to be appealing, with no pretension, to any potential customer. Perhaps wine marketers should consider simplicity in selling their wines and use wine descriptions like Jess and Christie's:

"Okay", "Pretty darn good", and "WOW - you've got to try this wine!"

1 comment:

unsophisicated mom said...

Thanks Catie for the endorsement! We obviously don't have the expertise and background you have but we are honest and unpretentious, if that means anything. So would you be so kind as to recommend a wine for us to try? Thanks Christle

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