Tuesday, March 21, 2006

First the dog and now the wine cellar - D_I_V_O_R_C_E!

First there was alimony which later begat palimony. Then came the issues of pet custody and pet-alimony. Now the lastest on divorce is: who is going to get custody of the wine cellar and the wine club! Will this new legal issue be referred to as "Enolomony"(remember you read that word here first)?"

Tom Wark of Fermentation points out attorney, Jeffrey Lalloway's post about "The new divorce battleground? The wine cellar."

I am reminded of my own divorce and wine cellar. While we had far from 300 cases, there was a modest 75-100 bottles of wine depending. The wine was kept in the basement and there were a couple of special wine racks to hold the bottles. We went wine tasting about a couple of times a year looking for wine for upcoming family gatherings and holidays. Some of the bottles held special memories of wine tasting trips with friends, gifts and even a few bottles of my father's homemade wine from the 1970's.

My ex-husband is really a great guy. Towards the end of our 20 years together, he became the "great guy who made some bad life choices" and I went on to make better life choices. When we split the sheets and the wine cellar, he was very helpful in packing it all up. We agreed to split it evenly. About a month later I was unpacking my wine. That helpful little &^%$# ex-husband gave me all of the whites! There wasn't a red wine in the two and 1/2 cases of wine! At first I was a bit miffed, but I ended up laughing it off. I mean how could I not laugh? I believe in karma.

In the last ten years, since the divorce, we see each other during family events. I usually show up to family events with several bottles of wine to share and often saving one for the ex-husband to take home and enjoy. Of course, I always send him home with a red wine, too. Sure, why not?

I now work in the wine industry, so I get involved in some great wine deals from our area. At this time I am building my own collection of red wines. And it just so happens that the ex-husband's new wife? She only drinks White Zinfandel from a box. Oooohhh - - you gotta love karma!


Mithrandir said...

My collection was small when I got divorced, so it wasn't a terribly big deal. The kitchen stuff was more of a problem...

There is an easy, fair, and equitable solution to the problem of splitting stuff. It's like cake-cutting: one divides, the other chooses.

Make a list of stuff. One party (the "cutter") assigns monetary values to the stuff. The values should be assigned such that the cutter couldn't decide between the item and the money.

The other party (the "chooser") decides who gets each item, based on the assigned values. The total value of the two piles of stuff is equalized with cash. So if the chooser's pile is worth $10 and the cutter's pile is worth $5, the chooser pays the cutter $2.50, so that both end up with $7.50-worth of stuff.

The cutter is happy because he got a (subjectively) fair deal. The chooser is happy because she gets a (subjectively) fair deal - possibly slighly better than fair, in her estimation.

Anonymous said...

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