Monday, March 06, 2006

Gotta Love Those Wine Angels

About 15 minutes ago a "Wine Angel" brought me a bottle of wine. What a nice surprise! This particular wine angel got involved with this new winery and had some bottles of their first release. I have been wondering about this particular wine and here is one sitting on my desk.

The wine is from Gifford Hirlinger, a new winery in the valley and located on the Stateline Road. The wine, appropriately named, "Stateline Red" is a 2003 vintage and a blend of 58% and 42% Merlot. When I finally open it, I will report in.

The Wine Angel also gave me some exciting news that has happened to him in regards to the Washington wine industry, but darn it - - at the moment I am not at liberty to share.

Yeah, I'm a tease.

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