Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Wine Bowl


Two weeks ago one of the local bowling alleys, Bowlaway Lanes, hosted their first annual "Wine Bowl." The deal was that all of the local wineries were invited to attend. The winning winery team would get a trophy and their poster hung in the alley for a year. My partners from Forgeron Cellars , Anne, Jamie and Sharyl, co-erced me there with promises of dinner before. I got my dinner but they still dragged me to the bowling alley while I protested and screamed all the way.

When we arrived there was only one other team! What is going on here in Walla Walla? Are there no other wineries who like to bowl? Is there other normal people like myself who think that bowling is boring and kind of cheesy? The other winery that showed was SYZYGY and their team was represented by Dave, Gregg, Sarah, and Meredith. It just so happened that Dave and Gregg were members of a bowling team. Oh-my. How - con-veeen-i-ent!

While bowling, we drank some great wines and even ate "bowling food." I discovered that bowling food is different than winery food. There were no imported cheeses, fine imported Italian smoked meats, French style baguettes or dipping sauces of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It had been years since I had a baloney and cheese sandwich cut into triangle squares - just like mom made for our school lunches. Surprisingly, the sandwiches paired okay with the lovely wines of Forgeron Cellars and SYZYGY. Hmmm...I suppose that one could look at baloney, processed cheese food slices and Wonder bread as just another level of imported smoked meats and imported cheeses and a baguette - a bowling level (okay, I will try to get my nose unstuck and lowered a bit).

Anyways, to make a long and painful story short - the team of SYZYGY won. But due to their kindness and the kindness of Bowlaway Lanes, we "tied." The group poster of both teams will be seen at the Bowlaway Lanes and my little trophy will be displayed with pride on top of my wine rack. Okay. So maybe bowling and the atmosphere of a bowling alley isn't so bad afterall. Will I show up next year? Probably, but will I continue my protesting and screaming? Probably. I can't disappoint my partners Anne, Jamie and Sharyl. They expect it of me.
Thanks Dave, Gregg, Sarah, and Meredith of SYZYGY for the excellent time and for being such great opponents. Also, many thanks to Bowlaway Lanes for their hospitality!

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