Monday, August 28, 2006

College Cellars 2005 Syrah of Rose'

It was a lovely day in the neighborhood. Several friends and I were lollygagging in the front yard of the Dill-Berry Homestead. It was the early evening of a hot summer day and wearing large floppy hats for protection from the sun was a necessity. Swaying on yard swings, relaxing in wicker chairs, eating tapas and sipping on rose'. There wasn't a worry in the world. In fact, young and over-enthusiastic Tyrone, who was stalking the neighborhood going door-to-door soliciting magazine sales and eager to take donations, he would personally send to children's hospitals and cancer patients, didn't phase us. In fact, he entertained us with his yarns of his "other" jobs. When he isn't selling magazines he is a famous rapper for MTV and music video producer in Chicago.

Did I have "gullible" written on my forehead? No, but I did have a glass of rose' in my hand to make this little interuption of my fine evening bearable. And a fine rose' it was, too.

Released in June, the wine of this hot summer evening was the 2005 Rosé of Syrah (Columbia Valley) from the College Cellars. This lovely salmon-colored wine paired perfect with a cheese torte, olives, and hummus for appetizers. The pretty colored liquid in the glass hinted of summer berries and that is exactly what it was -- mouthful of strawberries. Crisp, bright and just the right amount of acidity to continue to pair with our assortment of summer salads. A great wine for $10. I would carry it through to fall entertaining. With 14.1 % alcohol, it was just enough to make me feel a bit fiddle-de-dee about Tyrone's song-and-dance.

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