Monday, September 18, 2006

~ Andy ~

Andy Miller, one of our local wine personalities, died September 8, 2006 following an illness. Born February 28, 1961, Andrew W. Miller became involved in the Washington state wine industry as a young man. He was employed by Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodenville and eventually his love of wine brought him to Walla Walla. Andy proclaimed that Walla Walla was the "cutting edge" of the wine industry.

I had the opportunity to work with Andy at Forgeron Cellars in Walla Walla. Andy was our Hospitality Coordinator there until his death. I was impressed with his knowledge of the vineyards and the wines of the Walla Walla and Columbia Valleys. "Hospitality Coordinator" was the perfect title for him as he made the guests of Forgeron Cellars feel very welcome and special. Andy had a great smile and I took much pleasure laughing with him.

Andy's loved ones have requested donations be made to the Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance in Andy's name. An appropriate honor for Andy because of his love and dedication to the valley and it's wines.

There will be a celebration of Andy's life at his home at 231 N. Bellevue Ave in Walla Walla on Saturday, September 30th at 4:00 pm.


deb @ homewardFOUND said...

Catie, thank you so much for paying tribute to such a beloved man.

I worked with Andy at Chateau Ste. Michelle from 1999 to 2002.I learned as much about BEER from him as I did about wine! Andy was a gregarious,kind,and generous man. The one term I would use to describe him would be 'great-hearted',amazingly enough. I am blessed to have known him, learned from him, had my life touched by him.

I talked with him last fall when I asked him to host a tasting for the owners of the Victoria Clipper at Forgeron...he did, and they will NEVER forget him.Yet one more instance of how remarkable this man was...

We will all treasure our days with him, mourn his passing and celebrate his life, and miss him....

- Debi Kennedy

Anonymous said...

Catie and friends:

Andy was a true ambassador for our industry as he had an relentless passion for the leadership and quality of Washington State wines. While I came to Walla Walla shortly after Andy did, I used to joke that I came for the wine while he came for love, (which he did and we loved him for it :-). We worked together at both the Chateau and Northstar and I was so pleased when he found a permanent home at Forgeron.

Andy, you are already missed! I will raise a glass for you at your get-together on the 30th!

-Michele Rennie

There will be a celebration of Andy’s life on September 30, 2006 at his home, 231 N. Bellevue, in Walla Walla at 4:00 pm. Please come celebrate Andy's life with a glass in one hand and a cigar in the other. Please bring an appetizer to share (if you can).
For more information, please contact Anne at Forgeron (509)522-9463

Anonymous said...

Every day, I realize just how much Andy was loved, not only by me but by others. He had a huge impact on my life and I am grateful for having met him... if only there would have been more time!

Thank you for your tribute to Andy. Little things like this keep him close.....

~Katie Ross

sharoncrosetto said...

Three years has past since Andy left us but not one day goes by that I don't remember what an incrediable impact you had on so many people! I miss you terribly my good friend!

sonjagooding said...

Andy, it has now been 6 years since we lost you and I still miss you constantly! Thank you for the 1997 Justin Vineyards blend that we are enjoying tonight, it is still wonderful! I wish you were here to enjoy it with us, no one loved drinking old wine more than you! I will never forget the night I met you, we busted out 4 old bottles, tasted them all and then you were off to entertain the rest of the world, leaving the wine for us to enjoy. I will carry on your tradition!

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