Thursday, December 07, 2006

Precept Brands Buys Waterbrook

The largest privately held wine company in the state of Washington has acquired one of Walla Walla's largest and oldest producers, Waterbrook Winery.

Precept Brands in Seattle is the third-largest wine company in the state of Washington. Founded in 2003, Precept is known for affordable Washington state labels like Pine and Post, Washington Hills, Avery Lane, and WAWA (screw top for $2.99) and imports such as El Paseo and Ciao Bella. It recently partnered with Charles Smith of K Vintners in Walla Walla, to market his second label Magnificent Wine Co., which includes House Wine, a red table wine and a white table wine.

The Pendulum label, a red blend of eight varietals, is also a co-produced project by Allen Shoup of Long Shadows and Precept. Andrew Browne, CEO of Precept Brands and Shoup were rivals when Shoup was CEO of Ste. Michelle and Browne was CEO of Corus Brands (formerly Columbia Winery). And it just so happens that Columbia Winery is just across the street from Ste. Michelle in Woodinville, WA (note that Columbia Winery is not to be confused with Columbia Crest - a Ste Michelle label).

Precept Brands will take over sales and marketing for Waterbrook, but the tasting room on Main St. in Walla Walla will remain the same and Eric will remain involved in the production of the wines at the winery on McDonald Road in Lowden, WA.

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