Friday, January 26, 2007

Trio Vintners

Winemakers, Denise Slattery, her husband, Steve Michener, and partner, Tim Boushey have brought their talents and ideas together to form Trio Vintners. Not only are they a trio coming together to form a winery, but one of the trio of wineries established at the new Port of Walla Walla winery incubator village.

Tim Boushey has over 20 years of home and commercial winery settings. Steve Michener is a long time lover, writer and student of wine, as well as home winemaking. Denise Slattery brings her marketing and communication talents to complete the team (check out Denise’s blog Wine Matters in Walla Walla to keep in touch with their progess).

Starting with the 2006 crush, it is their first year of operation and Denise says the Port is awesome and she loves being there. This trio of graduates, from the Enology and Viticulture program at Walla Walla Community College, are very excited to apply their knowledge and skills to their new venture.

Their goals are to work with lesser-known varietals and while their home is at the Port, production will be under 1,000 cases (annual). In Spring of 2007, Trio Vintner’s doors will be opened permanently. The trio will release a Riesling and a Syrah. Riesling will be Trio Vintner’s primary white and slightly off-dry. " No Blue Nun style!", according to Denise. Also to be released will be a unique Rose' of Sangiovese and Mourvedre. Zinfandel was crushed in 2006 and they look forward to watching it "grow-up."

Trio Vintners are anxious to open their winery doors on Piper Avenue in the Spring and I am anxious to try that Rose'! Best wishes to their success!

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