Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Trust Cellars Riesling - 2006

Last week Steve went to Trust Cellars to visit Steve - Steve Brooks at Trust Cellars, that is. What is there to say about Trust Cellars that hasn't already been noted? Well, let’s see - - everybody has pointed out that Brooks left his CNN job in Atlanta to come to Walla Walla to make wine. Okay, what else? He was a cellar rat at various wineries and in fact, even at the Long Shadows winery. Which leads me to - -

Steve Brook’s Trust Cellar Riesling. Not sure what has been said about Trust Cellar Riesling, but here is where I can finally have my say. Steve bought a bottle from Steve for me to check out. The 2006 was the first vintage for the Trust Cellars Riesling and my-oh-my did that time for Steve Brooks of being a cellar rat at Long Shadows pay off. Trust Cellars Riesling was very reminiscent of the Poet’s Leap Riesling executed by Armin Diel, one the leading Riesling producers in Germany. Which means - - this is a good thing Martha!

We decided to check out the new location of Pacific Express restaurant and brought the bottle of Riesling to dinner. Riesling always pairs quite nice with any Asian influenced meal and we certainly could not beat the P.E. $5 corkage fee, either. What a perfect pairing the Riesling was with the food we ordered! The Riesling nose was floral and the taste of early summer orchard fruits came through such as peaches, apricots and the crispness of a Granny Smith apple. It was a delicate wine, yet undertones of mineral came through. This off-dry wine enhanced the flavors of the sweet ‘n sour pork and almond sub-gum and vice-versa. No Cab or Merlot could have done that.

I am always telling those white wine drinkers when they want to learn to drink the reds, pair it with food first. Eat-sip-eat-sip-eat-sip. Same thing with whites. For those of you who think your taste buds are refined and look down at the whites - come on - you know who you are. You know, those who hiss, “I only dooo redsss," like you own a pedigreed tongue or something - - anyways - -(okay, I’m off my soap box) same thing! Learn to enjoy whites with food. There are so many spicy, yet light and flavorful foods that deserve a good white wine, such as the elegant Trust Cellars Riesling. Try it!

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