Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wine Blogging Wednesday #42

It's been several months since I have participated in WBW. The reason is many of the topics, I've had nothing to contribute. You see, I only write about Walla Walla wines and sometimes other wines from Washington State. This month, Andrew of Spittoon is the host. He has asked that we blog about an Italian red wine. Andrew also asks that we summarize and review the chosen wine in just seven words. Well, this month I am going to cheat - - just a little. How about if I blog about a red grape with Italian origins, but grown in Walla Walla? A Sangiovese from a Walla Walla winery with an Italian name? Come on! It was named after the winemaker's maternal grandmother who emigrated from Italy! Are you going to deny me a chance to blog about someone's beloved nonna?

So, with that little tantrum behind me, here is my contribution to WBW#42. I am going to blog about Mannina Cellars Sangiovese - 2005. And here are my seven words to describe my choice: Gold medal winner. Pair it with tiramisu.

1 comment:

amy said...

Oh how I love Mannina!

So, nice way to be involved in WBW. Very clever indeed.

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