Saturday, March 29, 2008

Beloved Budo Kun Gone Wild In Walla Walla!

If you have been following the recent tawdry headlines in the wine blogging-smut rag aka as 20, then you are aware of the recent sex sting operation that landed three well-known wine mascots in jail, - Australia's own Little Penguin, the Yellowtail Kangeroo and Los Angeles based Domaine547's beloved Budo Kun. Budo Kun recently made headlines for going above and beyond, giving awards to loser wine blogs who weren't cool enough to be nominated for the American Wine Blog Award. (Hell no, we aint sore losers!) Shock, dismay, angst and a whole hell of a lot of hand wringing has run through the wine label critter community. After hearing the news, the authorities assisted Domaine's other mascot, Cheese Wedge into protective custody safe from the exploitations of Budo Kun. In the past, Budo Kun has made threats to Cheese Wedge with a cheese slicer and a fondue pot. But charges were dropped last year when Budo Kun tried to smother Cheese Wedge into a Kraft plastic single wrap and forced the little Swiss into a package of processed cheese.

In the mean time, Budo Kun has escaped police custody! It was a fiery shoot-out, but on-lookers reported Budo Kun never lost a drop or popped his cork. The news of Budo Kun has made the wine blogger's Twitter community, all a twitter, reporting Budo Kun sitings. He was recently seen in a taxi, leaving a party from a jet ski at the deserted island of Alcatraz. Later he was seen in a posh tanning salon with Britney Spears eating a Carl Jr's Double-Decker Bacon Lard Chili-burger (hold the lettuce, Britney's on a diet) and a mayonaise-banana milkshake. After dining, the two were seen arm pants at a disco.

!!! News Flash!!! - the Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman reports that Budo Kun was last seen brandishing a gun from the top of Walla Walla's local landmark, the Marcus Whitman Hotel. It looks like our little Budo Kun has put on a bit of weight. He has taken on the size of King Kong Kun and seen in several downtown Walla Walla tasting rooms. Yup, those big tannic monster Walla Walla Cabernet Sauvignons will pack on some weight in a bottle in a matter of no time! What is next for Budo Kun? Will the local authorities capture him and stick him in the Washington State Penitentary in Walla Walla and make him peel Walla Walla Sweet Onions for the rest of his life?


Mark V Marino said...

Hahaha! Go girl you are too funny!
I think there are a lot of great minds out there reporting and writing on what they feel and reading about 200 blogs a week I find it very difficult to rate. Some I like better as they address what I prefer but this does not make them better..some people take themselves very seriously and call themselves experts, wine is very subjective and tastes vary widely too, so what is better? Why can we not just enjoy with out making it competitive?

enobytes said...

ummm...Budo, you are looking handsome in those stripes! So what do you say, let's have brunch in Walla Walla on Sunday!

wild walla walla wine woman said...

More on the Budo Kun Saga. His day in court, with a new theme song at One Wine Per Week

Budo Kun fought the law, but the law won.

wild walla walla wine woman said...

Hi Mark and Enobytes (Pamela?)
Thanks to both of you for writing. Well our beloved Budo Kun has been a lot of fun to follow and thanks for adding to it.

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