Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The 89 Project

I have recently been asked to join up with some of my wine blogging comrades to explore an age old wine question (or at least since Robert Parker designed the point system) - - what is really the difference between a wine that has been given 89 points and a wine with 90 points? It's just one point people - - ummm - - like $9.99 instead of $10. Is the score of 89 a kiss of death to a perfectly well crafted bottle of wine? So far, this project has already started with a bit of controversy (being referred to as wannabe wine critics - ahem Steve Heimoff), but of course done with a friendly exchange.

The 89 Project will not only be exploring the 100 point system of evaluating wine, but also posting about perfectly wonderful wines that received 89 points. And can you believe there are silly people out there that won't go near a winery that has only scored 89 points on their wines? Now if you "wannabe" talking "wannabe wine critics," this mindset of people I refer to as "wannabe wine aficonados." Or people that will walk into a winery and ask which wines received 94+ points and purchase them without even sampling the wine first? WHA...? Doesn't anybody trust their own tastebuds anymore?

So check out the 89 Project and feel free to comment. It's all about tossing some thoughts around, having some fun and no, it won't change the wine world, but if it gets one person thinking...

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