Wednesday, February 18, 2009

National Drink Wine Day - February 18

According to the American Food Holiday website today is National Drink Wine Day!

It stands to reason that we have a national day for wine. I mean, what or who doesn't have a day notched on the calendar just for themselves. Unlike Valentine's Day, Bosses Day, etc there are no Hallmark greeting cards that we have to get sucked into buying to show our appreciation - - at least not yet. And while this national "holiday" was more than likely done in the spirit of other randomly assigned "holidays" desiginated by some low-level politicians. You know the kind - - done in an effort to appease "influential" special interest groups? And if in fact this is one of those "holidays," finally they have designated one that I can wrap my mind (and lips) around.

And how does one celebrate National Drink Wine Day? Ummm - - if you have to ask, then perhaps you should forget it and hold out another year for National Milk Day on January 11.


enobytes said...

Oh heck, I missed National Drink Wine Day? Shame on me!

Lynnell Morgan said...

Darn I missed it! Will put it on my calendar for next year!

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