Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jump Back to the Feast! Spring Forward with Walla Walla Wine!

So, the other day I got a few goose bumps while sitting in my car at the stop light facing north on the corner of First and Main Streets. I was day dreaming that just over 10-days ago I was standing in the middle of the same street, on pavement, under a large tent with chandeliers above me. And even better I was holding a glass of Walla Walla wine and noshing on a crepe. And NO! It wasn't one of those dreams where I was standing there naked in front of everyone, either. This was real! Really! It was a feast! It was big party in a tent! And - - we were all wearing our clothes!

It was the second annual Feast Walla Walla located in the beautiful and historical downtown Walla Walla. Inside the large tent, bringing tourists and locals together, there was an assortment of talented winemakers, chefs and artists showing their best and allowing us a taste or two - - or three… Proceeds from this fabulous event went the Downtown Walla Walla Foundation to continue their hard, and much appreciated, work.

Once we walked into the tent, we were given an etched glass commemorating the event, a plate to hold our "feast" and several tokens. The tokens were used towards nibbles and noshes and glasses of wine. Okay, so what was my favorite nosh? They were all my favorites! I sampled scallops wrapped in duck prosciutto, clam chowder, stuffed mushrooms with crab, crepes, Spanish Manchego cheese, chocolate, sweet potato gnocchi, and - and more! But I gotta tell ya - - the all-time swoon worthy was the crepes stuffed with beef tenderloin and chipotle dressing from T. Maccarone's. And what wine did I drink?

Well, what wine didn't I drink? I sampled wines from Flying Trout Wines, Cadaretta Winery, Va Piano, Sapolil Cellars, Forgeron Cellars, Lowden Hills, Morrison Lane, Mannina Cellars, Spring Valley Vineyards and - and - even more! I even sampled cool and refreshing hard cider from Blue Mountain Cider Company! Whew!

And now, after all of that fine food and glorious wine from Feast Walla Walla Past, I've been resting up the ol' tastebuds because just around the corner is Spring Release Weekend, May 1-3. And once again I will be getting goose bumps thinking about all of the new vintages from fruits of many labors past and the bill o' fare of fine food offerings. And when it is all over, it will seem like a wonderful dream, and thank goodness a dream where I wasn't standing naked in the middle of a street or a winery or...

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