Wednesday, November 18, 2009

TЯU Cellars: It Sparkles!

On one of the glorious warm Autumn days last month, Robin (friend and mentor) and I went downtown Walla Walla to take in the sites, snap photos, check out a few tasting rooms and relax with lunch and a glass of wine.

There is no way to escape the turquoise-colored accented building on Main Street and it also has a way of drawing you inside. If you were dropping by Tru Cellars to pick up a bottle of wine for a dinner party, this tasting room has more than wine. Before you left you could also find a fashionable dress or purse for the evening.

Once Robin and I made our way through the first room of the building, "ooohing and aahing" over the pretty "threads" and glittery purses, a few steps down into a light and open room was owner, Chad Diltz waiting to pour us glasses of his wine. We tasted a Viognier with floral and fruity notes that suggested a sweet wine, but was predominantly dry. We also tasted a very spicy Gewürztraminer. It was full bodied and a very complex white wine. But as they say, the "piece de resistance" was the sparkling star of the show - - the Blanc de Blanc - 2007.

Tru Cellars is the first "sparkling" winery in Walla Walla and to remain "tru" to French tradition, méthode champenoise is used. With this method, the bubbles are produced by a secondary fermentation in each individual bottle instead of produced in bulk tanks. Also traditional is the 205 liter size barrels from Tonnellerie De Champagne Ardenne, a small cooperage in Reims, France. Tonnellerie De Champagne Ardenne is also the only cooperage in all of the Champagne region and now aging sparkling wines from Tru Cellars, as well.

I thought the Blanc de Blanc was a lively and fresh tasting sparkler. It showed crisp apple notes without the yeast masking the fruit and the well balanced acids, which I often find yeast does in some sparkling wines. Chad says the wine can be aged or of course, enjoyed now. It's a fun wine that can be the star of an elegant evening or to kick back with and pair it with bowl of buttery popcorn.

Chad Diltz definitely has a bubbly personality, very much like the wine he produces and Tru Cellars is a winery to keep an eye on.


Unknown said...

I read your blog on TRU Cellars. I live in New Mexico and a friend of mine called me up and said you must try this bottle of wine my husband and I have. My friends had purchased two bottles of Tru Cellars wine, and were kind enough to share their second bottle. I was very impressed, and will be traveling to Washington next month, planing on picking up a case or two.

T. Meyers

wild walla walla wine woman said...

Thanks Terry for stopping by! I know Chad will be happy to hear this.

Sue said...

I am looking for a great red wine to take for Thanksgiving Dinner. The people we have been invited out to are having turkey and are great fans of Sauvignon Cabernet. I want it to be a Walla Walla Wine and around the $40 price tag. Do you have any suggestions. I am thinking maybe a Walla Walla Vinters but I am open to suggestions. Sue

wild walla walla wine woman said...

Sue, I think you have answered your question and with a great answer! Walla Walla Vintners is a good choice and in fact, you might check out their Bello Rosso. It is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese and just a bit softer.

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