Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rock & Roll All Winter Long: Walla Walla Village Winter White

Figuratively in my mind, I often roll my eyes  when ever I hear someone yap away about what a self-proclaimed wine lover they are. "Blah-blah-blah ... " Now here comes the point when my hazel-colored eyes start rolling - - "We only drink red winesss."  (And yes, their jauntily formed sentence often ends with a hiss.)

It's my opinion that if you are truly a wine lover - - you will at least try a wine, once. After all, that is what wine tasting is all about. Oh sure, we can have our favorites, but a true wine bon vivant has an adventuresome palate.

Okay, now that I had my tangent about opening the mind to wines, don't save white wines for summer either. Enjoy them all the time.  They are so perfect for the winter comfort foods, especially those foods that are creamy, cheesy and fried. So with that prelude, I discovered a new "winter" white.

Walla Walla Village Winery Winter White - Through the years I have tasted several releases of this white blend and it just keeps getting yummier.  Yes I said, "yumm-ier." Let me use that word if I want. 

The latest "Winter White" is a non-vintage with 80% Chardonnay from the Celilo Vineyards at Columbia Gorge AVA and 20% Viognier from Morrison Lane Vineyards at Walla Walla.    

The nose is of pears, creme brulee' and honeysuckle. The palate is creamy with just the right acids making it a great food wine. The soft and very light colored liquid also brings to the palate fruit of more pears, like the nose, and a hint of lemon.  The wine has a long finish of  spices such as nutmeg and just a hint of ground mace.  With every sip of this wine, it reminds me exactly like an old family recipe - Pear Custard Pie. 

How would I pair this wine? Well, I would consider the pear custard pie, but it would pair well with Asian-influenced almond fried chicken, fish and chips, seafood salad to name a few ideas.  Or just relax and sip it with perhaps a few slices of pears and a few salty almonds or cashews. 

Walla Walla Village Winery Winter White is rich, from the contents inside to the label on the outside. And speaking of label - - 

Walla Walla Village Winery is not your average winery and especially not your average wine labels, either. Many of their labels are creations of  Stanley Mouse. Now if you don't know who Mouse is, then you don't know your rock 'n' roll cover art. Stanley Mouse is the "Rembrandt of Rock & Roll" and with many iconic record albums and concert posters to his credit such as: Grateful Dead (first and foremost), Steve Miller Band, Journey, Jefferson Airplane, Cream, Zappa, Jimi, and Janis. (Note: if you have to ask who Cream, Jimi, and Janis are - - then you are young Bieber fan or don't know your rock 'n' roll). 

 Only 90 cases produced. 

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