Wednesday, August 10, 2005

WhoopemUp Hollow Cafe in Waitsburg

Where is Waitsburg you ask? Waitsburg is almost a one horse town in Eastern Washington, but don't take that one horse for granted too long, because before we know it there will be two horses.

Located in Walla Walla county with a population of 1,200, Waitsburg is a leisurely and pastoral 20 mile drive from the city of Walla Walla. In a couple of years we are going to see Waitsburg's Main Street come alive and The WhoopemUp Hollow Cafe has already made a home there. A dream that has come true by Waitsburg resident's Ross Stevenson and Leroy Cunningham, found the perfect partnership with Bryant Bader and his wife Valerie Mudry. Reaching out to the wine tourists, their style is built on a Mississippi and New Orleans menu with very affordable prices. I cannot seem to get beyond the catfish fillet and red beans with Tasso ham, but my mouth has watered looking at plates of oyster and catfish Po' Boys and pumpkin stuffed ravioli. This cafe has a gift for making a chunk of iceberg lettuce look and taste like fine dining served on 1950's vintage luncheon plates and freshly made dressings served on the side. And of course, the wine list features many great wines from Walla Walla.

There is a lot of talent going on in that kitchen. Bryant was the former day chef at "Bill's Off Broadway" located on Pine Street in Seattle and before he left was known as one of the best soup makers in Seattle. He was also a former chef at the nationally known "Campagne" restaurant and the "Limelight Cafe" in Seattle. Valerie Mudry, pastry chef and chocolatier, was formerly with "The Fish Club" restaurant in Seattle and is known for her award winning desserts. Her desserts are not only decadent, but every plate is a work of art. The pecan chocolate tart is served warm with Southern Comfort ice cream on the side. The scent of warm chocolate waffs around the table.

Hosts Cunningham and Stevenson can be seen visiting with guests and they make you feel like an old friend. They are a wonderful asset to the community and a inspiration to others who see the charm of the old western brick buildings on Main street. So when it is time to dine, why settle for less when you can "sup at the Whoopem Up!"


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the excellent review. And while Bryant was very exciting as being thought of as the chef at Campagne, he was not. Valerie, his wife, however, was the pastry chef there for some seven years.

wild walla walla wine woman said...

Amazingly, the response about the WhoopemUp Hollow Cafe "review" has been great. People out there have "googled" info for the WhoopemUP and this blog came up first.

So in the mean time, until the WhoopemUp Hollow gets a site, here is their phone number (509)337-9000 to get a reservation. Now that I have gave away this great secret, I hope that there will be a table left for me!

Anonymous said...

jazzsegue dines:

At the Whoopemup, which in its last life was a bakery & coffee spot and who-knows-what before that. Although, one would surely know if one lived in Wiatsburg; it's small.

You will not be disappointed here. You will dine well. You will be happy you found them.

A day in Walla Walla and a sidetrip over ofr dinner on the way back to our Tri-Cities home ends a perfect weekend .. or weekday.

Or, anytime.

BTW, there's a new microbrewery in Waitsburg, along with an antique shop on Main Street and a few other inetersting things to see.

Anonymous said...

The WhoopemUp was AMAZING! From the moment we arrived until the decadent dessert. I highly recommend that anyone living in or visiting the Walla walla area drive the 9 miles to Waitsburg for a wonderful new dining experience. I personally loved the Coca Cola dessert. What a treat!

Anonymous said...

Whoopemup was a extremely delightfull dining experience. Waitsburg was a unique and wonderfull town. The newly opened Whetstone Public House with a European pub look and feeling was an added bonus to our weekend getaway. We will surely be back to this little slice of heaven.

Anonymous said...

On our recent wine weekend getaway from Seattle, we tried to dine at the Whoopemup without reservations. It smelled delightful, but unfortunately they were not able to seat us that evening.

So we too ventured down the street to the Whetstone Public House and it was amazing. It was by far the nicest pub we have ever been to.

We can't wait to visit Waitsburg again, and next time we'll be sure to make reservations to the Whoopemup and we will definitely visit the Whetstone again.

Greg Fischer said...

The Whoopemup Hollow Cafe is incredible!

My partner Keith and I flew to Walla Walla from Chico (OK, Sacramento, Cal.) to visit the daughter of a family friend going to Whitman College.

Being brewpub fans, we found the fine, fine Laht Neppur Brewery in Waitsburg, WA.

The brewery wasn't open when we got there (right after arriving at the Walla Walla airport) so we went for a drive and walk around the town and saw the Whoopemup.

Later at Laht Neppur, we asked Juanita, the young bartendress, about the Whoopemup and she raved. She was right.

Two days later, coming from Walla Walla on Middle Waitsburg Road (beautiful drive and alternative to WA 12) we drove up for a late lunch.


Keith had the jumbalayah. I had a po' boy sandwich with oysters.

Forget what you know is true about seafood in the interior. That po' boy was incredible.

And oh, man, the jumbalaya.

And the dessert. The dessert. The pecan pie.

When we come back we want to find a place to stay in Waitsburg so we can eat and drink (at the bar across the street). Waitsburg is a little secret we don't want anyone else to talk about. Let's keep it a secret, OK?

What happens in Waitsburg, stays in Waitsburg. And Chico. And Seattle.

Greg Fischer said...
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wild walla walla wine woman said...

Thanks for writing Greg. I agree about keeping the WhoopemUp a secret, but then again it is just too fabulous place in such an unexpected area, that it's fun bragging about it. My last visit there was in January and we ordered a side of oysters. If I didn't know any better I would have thought there was an ocean out the back door of the cafe - so sweet and fresh!

Anonymous said...

I also absolutely LOVED this restaurant! Can't wait to go back again. Check out my review here:

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