Thursday, October 27, 2005

Basic Juice Ten Buck Wine Juice

Check out Basic Juice. Beau Jarvis, founder of Basic Juice, wine enthusiast and sommelier, is asking wine friends to imagine they are in a wine shop and to their surprise they only have $10 on them! Oh no! What wine are you going to buy for only $10 bucks? Beau tags various wine blogs and ask them this question and we answer back. For extra points food pairings are encouraged.

Here is what I listed:

House Wine made by the Magnificent Wine Company. It's a bargain at $8.99. A red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (58%), Merlot (32%), Syrah (9%), and Cabernet Franc (1%). It's rich, full bodied with a mouth full of blackberries. For my extra points, I would pair this wine with a big ol' burger topped with grilled Walla Walla onions and local morel mushrooms.

Hell, maybe I would stand out in front of that wine shop and sing for an extra $10 bill. Then I would buy a second bottle of House Wine and pair it with a dessert of brownies topped off with Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream.

How about you? What is your favorite 10-Buck-Washington-State-Gem? Can you do it? Tell me about them in "comments."

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