Thursday, December 01, 2005

Jelly Belly Wine

The secret is out why Ronald Regan kept a cannister of Jelly Belly jelly beans on his presidential desk. He was creating wine flavors from jelly beans since he couldn't drink on the job and had to say "No" to drugs. Hey, I'm kidding. Or am I?

I wish I could take the credit for this discovery from WineX Magazine. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! If you want a taste of the grape at work without having alcohol on your breath, here is the perfect solution. Check out the Jelly Bean Wine Bar for some tasty "wine" recipes. Here are a few of my own creations:

Imagine this - - it's 3:30 pm, you're still at the office, but want to start happy hour early. You're thinking about how soothing a hearty Merlot from Washington state would be. Combine the following Jelly Belly flavors (Note that the same recipe can be used for French Merlots):

Cherry + Plum + BlackBerry + Dr. Pepper + Licorice + Bertie Botts Dirt + 1/2 Buttered Toast

If you only know about over-oaked, over manipulated Merlots from California and haven't a clue about full bodied Washington Merlots and the rich soil the grapes are grown in, then you will like this recipe:

French Vanilla + Chocolate Pudding + Cherry + Plum + Raspberry + Strawberry + Dr. Pepper + two - Buttered Toast. Wait - make that three Buttered Toast and wash it down with a glass of water.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Catie--

You know what I'd like to see? Cycling/wine tours in the Yakima Valley/Walla Walla area. This is big business in Europe. I've made some web searches and don't see it going on here in WA (maybe in CA.) The idea is to ride about 60 miles a day with a lunch stop, B&B-style accomodations, and wine.


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