Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Vicodin and Wine

Last year in December comedian George Carlin entered re-hab for Vicodin and wine. I am here to say I won't be entering re-hab.

A few days ago I took a tumble. A tumble down a few stairs. First I knocked the wind out of my body and as I caught my breath I discovered I bruised my chin, bruised and scraped my shins and most of all, my vanity hit me two different ways. One being my poor right hand was positioned (thank goodness my boobs cushioned the hand or else it might have been broke) and twisted in front of my face to protect the face and the teeth, and my arm all twisted and out of alignment. The second way vanity set in was all I could think about was thank goodness I was not wearing a skirt or it might now be over my head. What a lovely sight- - not.

To make a long story short, x-ray, drugs, PT, arm splint and kindness is the remedy to being back to my old self. When I filled the prescription for Vicodin I had to ask if mixing wine would be a problem. I was invited to a wine tasting at some friends and my sweetums and I were so looking forward to it. The pharm said no. No, that it wouldn't kill me, but it might make me extra sleepy. It didn't. Just helped rid of the pain. Three days later I am off the Vicodin. Makes my skin itchy and my stomach nauseous. It did the same thing to me two years ago after major surgery. Itchy skin, sick stomach and the inner me screaming to rid of this body. So I will suffer through the pain and just drink wine.

In the mean time, I do not see a re-hab center in my future (aint we the last to know?) and my blog writing may be limited. Can only type half-assed for so long until I get tired. But I do have some Walla Walla Valley wines to discuss that we tasted the other night - - Pepperbridge Cabernet Sauvignon, Amavi Cabernet Sauvignon, Forgeron Zinfandel, and a Balboa.

Balboa? Where did that wine with a screw cap come from? Huh?

More about Balboa later, but nothing more about Vicodin.

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wild walla walla wine woman said...

A disclaimer ---

I am not a medical doctor or a pharmacist and I do not play either on TV. Also note that I am not advocating one should mix alcohol and drugs.

Please contact your doctor and/or
pharmacist for further questions regarding wine and Vicodin.

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